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Virginia Tech student looking over her left shoulder
Diverse environments foster creativity, improved problem-solving, and broader perspectives.

Building excellence through diversity

Increasing diversity is more than a call to action at Virginia Tech. It’s a path to better learning and stronger outcomes for all. We value the differences in people. We continually expand our knowledge by building a community of excellence. The InclusiveVT Excellence Scholarship Fund is an important part of these efforts.

“Gifts to the InclusiveVT Excellence Scholarship Fund lower barriers to access and raise the caliber of education at Virginia Tech.”

Greta Harris '83, Board of Visitors member and scholarship donor

A strategic priority

By 2022, Virginia Tech aims to more than double the number of students from underrepresented minority groups. Scholarships are one powerful way to help us reach this goal. Additional initiatives to ensure an inclusive community include:

Ensure opportunity with your gift

Now is the time. To dream big. To act boldly. To give generously. Support the InclusiveVT Student Excellence Fund today.    

Contact Judy Wolfe by email or at 540-230-3349 to learn more about the InclusiveVT Excellence Scholarship Fund.