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World-class faculty

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Patricia Dove, the C.P. Miles Professor in the Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences, is a member of the National Academy of Sciences. She was awarded the Thomas Jefferson Medal for Outstanding Contributions to Natural Science by the Virginia Museum of Natural History in 2016.

Recruitment and retention

Faculty members are key to Virginia Tech’s excellence. They prepare students for lifelong success. They discover and share knowledge that enhances quality of life around the globe. They develop new technologies, extend knowledge across disciplines, and solve problems to improve the human condition.

“As a scientist at Virginia Tech, I’m proud of the teaching and research that we do to understand the world around us and solve problems facing humanity. As a teacher and a mother, I hope to inspire the same passion for science and natural history in the next generation.”

Patricia Dove, C.P. Miles Professor in the Virginia Tech Department of Geosciences, member of the National Academy of Sciences.

Strengthening all areas

Virginia Tech’s land-grant mission and interdisciplinary research strengths make us an appealing choice for the nation’s top academics. Competition for stellar faculty is fierce. It’s essential that we not only recruit the best, but also retain them.

Your gifts can enhance:

  • Innovation by junior faculty members whose work shows tremendous promise
  • Collaboration by faculty members whose work transcends disciplinary lines
  • Impact by faculty members whose research leads to a greater understanding of our world and solutions to the  complex problems that face it    

Ensure excellence with your gift

The work of our faculty is amplified by the generosity of our donors. Help us attract and retain faculty members whose teaching and research transform lives.

Empower our faculty. Build a better Virginia Tech. Give today.

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