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School of Neuroscience

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Exploring new frontiers

We make connections between neuroscience and business. And law. And art. And communication.

Neuroscience is one of the fastest-growing academic disciplines. Virginia Tech's School of Neuroscience is taking the lead, extending the field beyond its traditional clinical connotations.

The School of Neuroscience connects with cutting-edge areas of our university that include artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, and smart robotics. Neuroscience research topics by students and faculty members range from financial decision-making to drug addiction to binge eating.

“Devoting an entire school to neuroscience, rather than a single department, sets Virginia Tech apart. It signals our commitment to all facets of neuroscience research and education, and our intention to grow in strategic ways.”

Harald Sontheimer, executive director, School of Neuroscience

Deeper engagement and learning

We are enhancing our program. Priorities include:

  • Ensuring every student has a meaningful research experience.
  • Leveraging assets such as Virginia Tech’s partnership with Carilion Clinic and accelerating our connection with our Roanoke campus.
  • Doubling undergraduate enrollment, adding 25 faculty members, and launching master’s and Ph.D. programs.

Accelerate our impact through your gift

Founded in 2016, our school has grown to 550 students. Your generosity will enhance research, support graduate stipends, and ensure continued growth. Help us make it happen. Give today.

Contact Wade Stokes by email or at 540-231-4033 to learn more about the School of Neuroscience.