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National Capital Region

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Professor of Statistics Sallie Keller directs the Biocomplexity Institute of Virginia Tech’s Social and Decision Analytics Laboratory, based in Arlington.

A catalyst for change

Virginia Tech and the National Capital Region stand at the crossroads of opportunity. An ecosystem of partners — local governments, industry, entrepreneurs, and technology firms — is ready to be activated.

We are poised to develop a vibrant information hub in this dense, urban setting. Three elements characterize our plan: delivering high-impact research solutions; building and sustaining a high-tech-ready workforce; and developing communities that flourish in a diversified, innovation-driven economy.

To succeed, we will:

  • Double sponsored research expenditures in data analytics, integrated security, and cyber-physical systems for intelligent infrastructure.
  • Forge new or expanded partnerships with federal research laboratories and leading companies.
  • Dramatically increase the number of graduate students studying in the region.
  • Establish meaningful experiential-learning programs that benefit Virginia Tech undergraduates and build a talent pool for the National Capital Region.   

“Our nation’s capital has all the hallmarks of robust, innovation-based economies, except that R&D activity as a percentage of GDP is more than a factor of two below that of the major innovation economies in the U.S. Virginia Tech will change that and become a critical catalyst for economic growth, diversification, and public impact.”

Tim Sands, Virginia Tech president

A critical role

Greater Washington, D.C., has many characteristics of a dynamic metro region. It falls short in research and development by universities, as demonstrated by the chart of expeditures reported to the National Science Foundation shown below. Virginia Tech will help close this gap.

Virginia Tech is ready

We are uniquely qualified to make a difference in the National Capital Region by collaborating with industry and government to address complex, critical issues. We are building on our sizable footprint in the region, with an eye on results that generate public gains. We are leveraging our highly valued expertise in data-driven decision-making, integrated security, and intelligent infrastructure.

Investments in faculty recruitment and retention will increase the value of our research, teaching, and economic development efforts.    

Make the difference with your gift

Your generosity will determine the success of our university and the National Capital Region. Support our faculty today.    

Contact Nicole Santos by email or at 571-858-3254 to learn more about giving in support of Virginia Tech in the National Capital Region.