The success of the Beyond Boundaries Scholars program is a credit to the dozens of generous donors listed below:

Steven J. and Barbara Abbatello

Simone L. Acha

Victor and Kellie S. Apat

David B. Arnold

Morgan E. Blackwood Patel and Manish Patel

Robin A. Brewster and Victor A. Smith

Thomas O. Brown

Young Ho and Jung-Yeon S. Chang

James L. Chapman IV and Susan B. Chapman

Nelson C. and Mary W. Chu

Kenneth E. Cooke

Gary D. and Laura B. Cornwell

Robert H. and Lois P. Crewdson

Kevin and Rosalind Cutchins

Darrell A. and Michelle Y. Davis

Mary Rives Dietrich

Thomas A. and Catherine G. Fletcher

Christopher J. and Keri N. Gregoire

Bill and Lavinia Hall

John O. and Mary Lou Harrison

James R. and Amy L. Hopper

Scott C. Huber and Heather M. Wilson-Huber

Mary Virginia “Prim” Jones

Edward H. and Maureen E. Kennedy

Paul L. Knox and Lynne Taylor Knox

W. Buford and Linda M. Lewis

J. R. and Lisa L. Lingerfelt

Kenneth M. McClevey

Michael E. and Kathryn G. Melo

Sally C. Morton and Kurt P. Kearcher

David and Peggy Oshinski

Charles D. and Karen C. Phlegar

Jeffrey V. and LuAnn Pirone

Lowell D. Pratt Jr. and Mary C. Pratt

Karen A. Roberto and Steven D. Sheetz

Winston A. and Marilyn L. Samuels

Timothy D. and Laura P. Sands

William B. Schwartz and Lorraine H. Reale

Connie W. Scruggs

Donald F. Simpson

Dennis H. and Donna J. Treacy

Horacio and Amy Valeiras

Lori L. and Steven S. Wagner

Scott G. Williams

Matthew M. Winston Jr. and Thalia K. Winston

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Gifts received in support of the Beyond Boundaries Scholars program as of June 30, 2017.


The Beyond Boundaries Scholars program doubles the impact of qualifying scholarship donations helping underrepresented and high-achieving students


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The Beyond Boundaries Scholars program is helping 137 Virginia Tech students.

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